Friday, 19 April 2013


The evaluation of our title sequence. (INTRO)
 We got given the task as a brief, to firstly create a film idea. Then after put into groups we had to pick an idea then go forth and create a title sequence for that film idea. We researched in class about all different types of title sequences beforehand and practiced filming in groups as part of our research and class work all to help us about cinematography. In addition, we created a continuity sequence has a production help on how to edit and not breach the 180 degree rule. These all class tasks played a benefit in making our title sequence, as the skills we learnt helped us use them in our title sequence. For example , the workshops on final cut pro helped us to edit cuts and fade ins and out. And the filming helped us learn and practice shots such a extreme close up and high angle.
Our film name was ‘Apartment 6’  and genre would be a supernatural horror. Which we had to study the codes and conventions for beforehand but here is a brief  into our a film idea.

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